It's a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.


FOUNDER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR CEDRIC VICTOR launched SPECIAL ORBITS for people very much like him—picky artists and other creative outsiders. Typically people who dread card-giving occasions because it requires hunting through multiple stores, past terrible puns and  uninspired cartoons on cheap paper stock. 

On one particularly desperate occasion, he found himself in a new city with no place left to go. His goal had been to pick up a succinct, elegant card that accurately reflected his introverted personality. With no luck, the seed for SPECIALORBITS was quietly planted.

A few months later, back home in New York City, he decided to test the idea of launching a paper products business with a small experiment on Kickstarter. The feedback, support and success of that project led to the launch of SPECIALORBITS in 2015 with a line of greeting cards, miniature books and art prints.

He hasn't looked back.

Cedric is an award-winning artist, illustrator, musician, and art director/graphic designer. A bonafide INTJ and polymath, he is continuously inspired by excellent crafstmanship, and systems thinking around creative processes in all areas of art and commerce.

SPECIALORBITS was initially launched from an imagination for the things that introverted creative people would want for themselves and for people within their immediate circle. The Mission is simple: to discreetly engage the culture, and give voice for creative introverts of all kinds.

Stationery, art prints, t-shirts, tote bags, or indeed anything designed in his studio carries the same promise: a singularly elegant design to channel the quiet part of your personality to someone that you care about. Or simply for you to make a statement in the world.

His hope is to energize creative practice in introverts, as respite from the pressure of daily life. The paper products have always been printed on recycled paper, and everything is quality-checked and produced in the United States. All our goods are made to carry delight, away from the pace and pull of modern life, to help you be human again.”