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I spent the last couple of weeks reading through older JOURNAL pieces. Of course, I was understandably disappointed: much of the work can be edited to be tighter, more crisp and to-the-point. And am I improving as a writer? Not as quickly as I'd like, by my standards—if I’m completely honest. But knowing what I have to improve is half the reward. As someone prone to ideas of perfection, I'm glad to have started when I did: you have to start somewhere and clean things up as you go.

My consolation at the moment is that I never claimed to be a “Writer”, so it’s fine that the work can stand considerable improvement. My objective as a "creative introvert" has been to work through some of these more personal, nagging ideas that I’d kept locked away in my mind, and to put them out there for others who might relate.

The nice thing about publishing in the digital space: it’s always possible to go back to clean it up, make it concise, more concentrated, more intelligent for the reader. That's a best kept secret among online writers, and I'm taking full advantage by daring to go back and polish the work.

This week’s piece is about listening. I could always use a primer on the subject, and writing this piece has served that purpose. I hope you'll relate, and find something in it that is of use.

As always, get out there tomorrow and have a great week. 

Stay human,


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