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Spring is almost here, which means the first quarter is almost at an end and those of us who have stuck with our New Years resolutions are more likely to bring them to conclusion.

As for the apparent lateness of this piece, given that most readers of these Dispatches open their email soon after they receive it, I didn't think it wise to compete with the Oscars. That said, recent advice has me considering better times to send out emails, so this might become a permanent schedule. 

My focus for this week's piece is burnout, as creative workers typically experience it. The studio has been filled with multiple projects in various stages of completion and while I'm not in any way exhausted, this past week was the first time in a while that I didn't feel that a minor breakdown was inevitable after keeping the pace up as I have recently. Some of that confidence is owed to new habits and best practices that I started to test about a year ago, and have since been implementing. So...sharing is caring.

I hope your week's been off to a good start.

Stay human,

Smiley face

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