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Suddenly it's June! 

Memorial Day weekend in New York City always feels like there's been an emergency evacuation. In one sense it is true: everybody can't wait to get out for the long weekend and unwind a little. So for the rest of us, if we're not elsewhere, it becomes nice to stay/be here, and the temporary reduction in population density is a relief of sorts. 

Speaking of relief, something I've been meaning to give coverage: in recent months as more and more literature shows up in the media about self care and stress, I've been asking myself, "Hey, do you even know how to decompress anymore?"

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received came from a mentor here in New York. She would call me at eleven thirty at night to discuss work and then tell me at the end of the call half-jokingly, "You know, you need to learn to relax more, you need to go out there and take in the city, go see some art, see some friends, and get some sleep." I took it seriously when Kay told me to take a break. But she also understood that it's how that energy works, it has its own mind when you're making things, you just find your way into a slipstream and stay with the current as long as you can. 

Decompressing—relaxing—is not typical behavior for me. This seems to be true for a number of creative people I know. We don't brake often, we probably have the time for it, but typically we "don't feel the need for it". When I do stop, it feels paradoxical: it's unfamiliar territory, I have to work at it, the "relaxation muscle" has to be exercised  so that it doesn't feel so awkward. But self care is a serious issue, and I've started to take it more seriously...and you probably should too. 

In the larger conversation, it's people in the workplace, working at a pace that squeezes just a little more juice out of every "paychecked" worker with every passing fiscal year. And that's many of us, or loved ones. So it becomes more and more imperative for us to take the initiative, take stock of our own well-being and find those spaces, people, and activities so that we can comfortably disconnect from the the dull roar of Modern Life. 

For me it means taking a couple of naps a day, and now that it's almost summer, I'll be getting out with my camera as much as I can remember to do it. This new piece for the Journal is an idea I've been playing with for years, in my head. I hope you enjoy it. 

That's it from me. Have a wonderful time this weekend. All feedback welcome. 

Stay human, 


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