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This afternoon, I went over to the Marble Cemetery across the street for one of their "open days", which they have a few times a year. As usual there was The Accordion Lady, who plays everything from Edith Piaf to the Beatles. Her music was quietly absorbed by the grass and the graves nearby. As much as I am used to it, I'm always surprised at how wonderful the people are in my neighborhood. 

These last two days have found me catching up on sleep, and working on the reading I promised myself I would complete by the end of summer. The work week has been spent mostly working on new product ideas for the fall, and preparing for a couple of talks. More on those things as they develop, but in the meantime, there are a few new things in the SHOP that I think you'll dig.

That's it for me. I hope your weekend was as tranquil as mine, and your Monday starts off well!

Stay human, 


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