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I spent the afternoon looking at thought-provoking art, ate excellent greek food and followed it with a north indian dinner. All of this was done in the company of good friends, and perfect weather. 
A number of people emailed me after last week's piece, with some interesting ideas and perspectives on the notion of fairness, and "what it takes to be successful" and indeed, what "success" means after all. I think these definitions are fluid, and useful as long as you decide to use them for something. But they are not monolithic, nor are they self-sustaining ideas: they cease to have any truth or value as soon as you find an alternative. I'm interested in engaging these conversations, and seeing where people can identify some of their own ideas somewhere in them. I hope you're enjoying the ride.

This week, I'm working off the observation that we live in a culture that really only seems to see validity in gold medalists, in first-placers. It seems as though everything other than everyone else, the masses, nothing special. So this week's piece addresses the idea of trying your hardest...and achieving second place, what that means. 

Things promise to be busy this coming week here, a lot of balls in the air until the end of August. I hope that your summer has been good so far. It's going to be gone pretty soon, so I hope you take advantage of it. 

Have a great week.

Stay human, 


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