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This last week had one shiny moment. I was putting away some drawings and paintings I'd made in the 90s. I had not looked at these in years (they'd been wrapped for storage since around 2006). I was slightly surprised at how they look to me now, and how little information they have about what I'm looking for in a painting these days. Don't get me wrong, they're not bad drawings, nor do the paintings feel “dated” (those have been destroyed) so these remaining ones would do fine on a wall today. 

That moment in solitude was special because I could tell how much my own questions about making pictures have changed. These things in front of me were from a different time, made by a boy with different urgencies and intentions than what I have become now. A good reminder of why we still paint and draw: there are nuances you can capture in a painting, for yourself, that you can't do with a photograph. That became clear to me suddenly in that moment. 

This missive is coming out to you in the evening because, like you'll see with this new piece, I'm testing something. I hope your Monday has been off to a good start and that the rest of your week is fruitful.

Be safe and stay human, 


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